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Anything Sauces come in a variety of delicious flavors you can use in every type of cooking. They make great substitutes for oil, butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and  more.  Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to cooking with these all natural sauces!

Our sauces are great for all styles of cooking. With our current 5 flavors, including: Original White BBQ, Wasabi, Chipotle, Sweet Kick, and Darn Good, cooking has never been easier or more fun! Shop now at our online store.

Big Jim Napier is a Pro Bass Angler that we at WOFCO are proud to sponsor! Once Big JIm tasted Anything Sauces he was on board to help us spread the word!  We also love what Big Jim stands for; God, Country, Family, Fishing and Fun!

Rule Promotions Inc is the parent company of Wide Open Food Company and we are looking for Independent Distributors to help promote Wide Open Food Company and products.  We also offer private labeling printing services if you have your own product.

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